CKIC 5E-MAG6710 Proximate Analyser - TGA

CKIC 5E-MAG6710 Proximate Analyser – TGA

The 5E-MAC6710 Proximate Analyzer(Thermogravimetric Analyzer, TGA) is used to determine the moisture, ash, volatile matter and fixed carbon in coal and coke. It can also determine residual ash and slag combustibles in accordance with ASTM, which is widely applied in power plant, coal mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, commercial inspection, scientific research, education, etc.

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Model 5E-MAC6710 Proximate Analyzer -TGA
Comforms to MethodASTM D7582, ASTM D5142, ISO 17246, GB/T 30732
Automatic FunctionYes
Control Ability2 units/1 PC available
Temp. Rising Speed1-50℃/min
Analysis Time≤120mins for 19 samples of three parameters
≤120mins for 38 samples of three parameters(Double Control)
Sample Mass0.8-1.2g recommended / up to 5g
Temp. RangeUp to 1050℃
Temp. Controlling Resolution±2℃
Power SupplySingle phase, AC220±10%, 50/60Hz, ≤5 kW
Net weight50kg
Standard Configuration:
Main analyzer
Air compressor
Weighing rod base

Weighing road
Three-core power socket and plug/20A
Crucible lid for volatile matter
Glass spoon(small size)
Standard Reference Material(GBW)
Tool kit



Features:High Efficiency1. Up to 19 samples can be determined within 2 hours for moisture, ash, volatile matter analysis and to calculate the fixed carbon.
2. Embedded furnace wire is adopted, which makes the operation more safer with more uniform furnace temperature.
3. Double control (One PC controls two furnaces) is available.

High Accuracy1. Thermogravimetric technology with blank crucible calibration in the same atmosphere to ensure weighing accuracy.
2. Adjustable ramp rate and real-time display for thermal weight curve, manage data and graph seamlessly.
3. MAC 6710 uses sheathed thermocouple, which has strong corrosion resistance and longer service life.

Easy Operation
1. Furnace cover can be opened and closed automatically by pneumatic system, no heat hazard and labor saving.
2. Real time display of balance reading, which makes it convenient to control the precision of sample weight.
3. Wide application for limestone, cement, iron ore.



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