CKIC 5E-CS3800 Sulfur Carbon Analyser

CKIC 5E-CS3800 Sulfur Carbon Analyser

The 5E-CS3800 Sulfur Carbon Analyzer which is developed on the basis of 5E-IRS3600, is used to determine the carbon and sulfur content in coal, coke, biomass, SRF and other organic combustibles. With pioneering technology of auto loading and combustion worldwide, it can realize automatic analysis for large quantity samples with accurate results. 5E-CS3800 is widely applied in coal mines, power plant, environmental, commercial inspection and scientific research, etc. It must be mentioned that 5E-CS3800 is especially suitable for the commercial laboratories, power plants with large quantity samples for analysis, which helps to minimize the manual operation and make the analysis easier.

Model5E-CS3800 Sulfur Carbon Analyzer
Conforms to MethodGB/T 25214, GB/T 30733, DL/T 568, ASTM D4239-12
Analysis RangeSulfur: 0-100%; Carbon: 0-100%
Sample Mass100-400mg (200mg is recommended)
Sample Loading60 samples per batch (continuously)
Analysis Time Per Sample≤120s
Analysis Temp.1350℃
Power SupplyAC220V, 50Hz, 4kW

Features:High Accuracy and Efficiency
1. With high temperature combustion and Infrared absorption method, the test results of carbon and sulfur content can be got at the same time. Analysis time is within 2 minutes per sample with accurate results.
2. Patented dual oxygen lance ensures there is plenty of oxygen in furnace, which accelerates sample combustion to increase analysis efficiency. Moreover, Unique gas tightness structure reduces the influence of CO2 and SO2 in the air on results.

Reliable Auto-sampler System 
With reliable auto-loader, maximum throughput 60 samples per batch, it ensures smooth operation. The manipulator can automatically complete positioning the crucible, moving and removing it continuously. It is testified as an effective instrument to help the lab realize unattended operation.

Powerful Software
The real-time sample mass, test results, process parameter and operational status of analyzer can be automatically transferred to the LIMS system by balance connection through software, which ensures to remote monitor andcollect carbon emission data.

Easy Service
Equipped with function of intelligent self-diagnosis system, it can offer automatic voice alarm in case of breakdown, and remind the operator to do proper maintenance.

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