Case Study

Nitrogen Determination in Biofuel 

Sample Preparation
Crush the sample to size <1mm

5E-TCN2200 Nitrogen Analyzer

Instrument Settings
Oxygen Flow(SV4): 3L/min;
Oxygen Flow(SV5): 0.8L/min;
Oxygen Flow(SV6): 0.3L/min
Main Furnace Temperature: 950 ℃
Secondly Furnace Temperature: 850 ℃
Calibration Standard: GB/T 30728, UNI 15104, ISO 16948 and ASTM
Nominal Sample Weight: 80 mg
Analysis Time: 5 minutes

Special Modifications to Unit

Method Approval

GB/T 30728,UNI 15104,ISO 16948 and ASTM

1. Prepare instrument as outlined in the operator’s instruction manual (perform maintenance and
leak checks, etc.).
2. Purging and analyze blanks until instrument is stable (nitrogen results will reach a plateau),
3. (4-5) blanks and (1-2) waste samples to condition the instrument
4. 3 samples of calibration substance to check or carry out the calibration;
5. Test 9 samples
6. 2 samples of calibration substance to check the calibration;
7. Repetition of point 5 to point 6 until all samples are processed;

Note: Do Calibrating refer to operator’s instruction manual for details.

Typical Results

2016062803pelletized oil palm fiber0.530.050.509.380.55
2016062803pelletized oil palm fiber0.48
2016062804sugaracane Bagasse0.420.060.457.420.49
2016062804sugaracane Bagasse0.48