Case Study

Fluorine Determination in the Analysis of Solid Waste

Sample Preparation
Samples may be analyzed as air dried
Crush and grind to make the sample size ≤0.2mm

5E-FL2350 Fluorine/Chlorine Analyzer

Instrument Settings
Oxygen : Flow 500ml/min; purity 99.5%       Vapour :2ml/min
Main Furnace Temperature:1100 ℃             Condensator  temp. :20℃
Calibration Standard: GBT4633-2014          Nominal Sample Mass: 100 mg
Analysis Time: 45 minutes/per test

Special Modifications to Unit

Method Approval

GBT4633-2014 and ISO11724 and ASTM D5987

1. Prepare instrument as outlined in the operator’s instruction manual (check the solutions , pure water content and electrodes ,oxygen gas flow and etc.).
2. Do three blanks sample “Fkt” titration (initialize the titration system)
3. Combustion pretreatment with two empty crucibles (this process only for first time of using of each day)
4. weigh a portion(0.5g) of solid waste sample in crucible, then cover the sample with a flat layer of silica sand;
5. Load two crucibles with sample as prepared in step4 , then” start” analysis.
6. 2 samples of calibration substance to check the calibration after 10 duplicate sample analysis;
7. Repetition of point 4 to point 6 until all samples are processed; 

Note: Do Calibrating refer to operator’s instruction manual for details.

Typical Results